The Malkavian Blues

Here's something else I picked up off the net, and I also happened to cut off his name. Sorry!

(Must be sung in a jolly dirge while wearing sunglasses at night.)

(To the tune of "It's a Small World")

There is just one Caine,
He who made us all.
And the Embrace means kinship,
With Everyone.
Now the Jyhad's on its way,
What if Gehenna came today?
We need Golconda after all!

We need Golconda after all,
We need Golconda after all,
We need Golconda after all,
Or we'll all, all, lost!

There are too many Brujah,
Who will kick your ass,
And the Tremere want to smoke your blood
Like grass.
There so much to beware,
that its time we're aware,
We need Golconda afterall!

Some will listen to Ventrue
Because they're right
Then commit diablarie
When they're not in sight
With the Ventrue in charge
Only their Progeny grow large
We need Golconda after all!

Gangrels wear their fun fur
But forget to clip their nails
While the Toreador look silly
in their coats and tails
Nosferatu need to bathe
As their breath gives them away
I guess we need Golconda after all

The Sabbat and the Losombra
Are ugly and mean
And the Settites are slimy
And their tounges are green
With the Justicar's away
The Assamite play
So you need Golconda after all

Like a phallic symbol
The Wolves hunt the worm
While ascending mages
All whine about doom
They should leave all get a clue
In the end they'll go too
We all need Golconda after all