Vampires + Matter Magick = ???

The age old question... "What happens when matter magick is used on a vampire to change their form?" This is an attempt to answer it, written by datawolf, as posted to

Matter 4 or greater would be necessary to alter the Matter patterns of Vampires. This would work in almost the same way as the corresponding Life effects, except for the following:

Changes made to the Physical forms of a Kindred using Matter 4 are temporary, regardless of the Effect roll. The alteration of the Matter Pattern imposed by the Mage re-weaves the Pattern of the Vampire's current physical form into another form and actively tries to maintain that form. Vampires with Protean may attempt to undo this by shifting into another form, but this would require a number of successes equal to or greater than the number of successes of the original Effect roll. This could be accomplished as an extended action (requiring one Blood Point for each roll) and would probably look extremely grotesque. Those Kindred with enough skill in Vicissitude to shift their entire form could do the same thing, and Flesh and Bonecraft could probably be used given enough time (providing the Kindred still has working hands and arms to do this with or has someone else do it for him.) Vampires are subject to an effect similar to Pattern Bleeding if these mutations last more than one Scene. The Vampire will begin losing an additional Blood Point during each sleep period until a number of Blood Points equal to the number of successes on the original Effect roll is expended, and will begin to resume his original form progressively with each day. This is NOT the case for Kindred with Vicissitude. The Patterns of such Vampires are inherantly metamorphic and will maintain the new Pattern indefinately until is it altered by some means, even if the result of the original Effect roll does not indicate a permanent duration. They may, however, fight the effects of a forced alteration by rolling Wits+Vicissitude at a difficulty of 8, each success canceling out one success on the Mage's Effect roll. This can only be done if the Kindred has some idea of what the Mage is attempting to do and requires concentration. Alterations of assumed forms "lock" the Vampire into the current form until he either manages to force a shift into a different one (which becomes easier with each sleep period) or "sleeps it off."

Using Matter 5 to cause a complete transformation of a Vampire is much the same as above, but does not cause a Pattern Bleeding effect.